NEW – Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack Review – Best Multi-Tool Flashlight & Fire Starter Kit?

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July 24, 2017
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July 24, 2017

In this NEW Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Tool Pack Review from talk about who this kit is for… and who should look for …



  1. i bet that he put some type of fire starting liquid on the straw plus his outrou "be prepared you never know" sounds he is advertising H.I.V tests or condoms

  2. i bet that he put some type of fire starting liquid on the straw plus his outrou "be prepared you never know" sounds he is advertising H.I.V tests or condoms

  3. Gerber is mostly offshore now and BG is entirely offshore. Anything for a buck, right Baby Bear? America first, America best.

  4. R Tiller says:

    It all looks like cheap crap, can't believe Bear Griylls would put his name on that. And it's all ugly too. lol

  5. Ham Pie says:

    Meh, when in Cub Scouts we got bear gryll's pocketknife, never touched it until yesterday, tried sharpening a popsicle stick, and I wasted 12 sticks and keep in mind I know how to carve, and basically it ruined all his products and his show for me.

  6. For the last 25 + years I have been carrying a Leatherman Super Tool , any number of MAG LITES, A small lighter, a small Vice Grip and Channel Lock in a Ripe Off Case I got at a cop shop. It is better to build your own kit.

  7. Phil Johnson says:

    It's seems that over the years, Gerber has been putting out products that would be better suited for children. Cheap, inexpensive gear equals failures in the field. I wouldn't trust my life to anything that had Bear Grylls name attached to it. Also, if you need to carry a piece of paper that has survival instructions on it, you have no business being out in the field at all!

  8. Ahmad Saleh says:

    منتج رائع جدا

  9. Dank Hank says:

    hey I used to live in pa when I came to the us

  10. Ralph Heron says:

    it's a toy, should have a little pocket for tissues… Edward " bear " gryllis can wipe his arse and eyes next time he tries a cable slide over the river Tyne, it got stuck and he was crying his eyes out. hahaha.

  11. Jack Bushong says:

    I bought this and instantly started drinking my piss.

  12. it'sgame_ ON says:

    that is very cool and awesome 😉 !!

  13. Pat vulk says:

    Plastic sheath, plastic, plastic, plastic….crap. Bear is gettin' rich off fools who buy this junk.

  14. maffimuk says:

    I like Gerber, big fan, but this multi setup is crap. Just buy the multi tool and forget the rest. The sheath really sucks (the survival guide tuck in behind the knife btw).

  15. Dime3x says:

    What would you recommend for a decent knife and machete?

  16. Rob Babcock says:

    I can't figure out what you're supposed to do with a multi-tool in the woods. What is the point of that saw? It would be faster to just break a 1" sapling vs sawing in with a tiny little saw. MT's are pretty handy, but they're a lot more useful back in civilization. In the wilderness there aren't a lot of screws to drive or bolts to turn except the ones you bring with you. I will agree with a couple other commenters- these videos are starting to look more like advertisements than reviews.

  17. Most of Gerber's stuff is now made in China. I'm not going to stake my survival on Chinese manufacturing. Shame on you Baby Bear-everything that "bears" your name supports Chinese industry. Not such a great American icon when you read the fine print.

  18. In my opinion the multitool or especialy the knive is to small,

  19. HalfEpic G says:

    The only good tool is the guide

  20. Did he write that book with National Geographic

  21. There are at least 2 other brand ferro rods that throw better sparks.

  22. Rodger Pitts says:

    The Bear Grylls line is not bottom of the barrel quality, but none of it is particularly great.  The knives are so-so to mildly decent steel, but none are great.  What it is, though, is highly marketable to armchair survivalists and campers.  Anyone wanting high quality, TRULY dependable equipment would be much better served looking for better equipment.  For knives, a Becker or a Schrade would be CONSIDERABLY higher quality for around the same price.

  23. Andrew T says:

    it would have gotten 4 out 5 stars if the pocket book attached to the sheath…..lmao this guy

  24. RCautogyro says:

    Got this tool before seeing this video. The video is good but I wish I had found this and read the reviews. The tools and case are good but the strap that is used for the belt broke in to 3 pieces within 15 min of getting it setup. So I have to say Poor product.

  25. Hello would love to earn Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tool Pack Review – Best Multi-Tool Flashlight & Fire Starter Kit?

  26. Aby a says:

    Bear Grylls is a sell out, his products are not really all the good quality that you would expect. He just put his name to a product.
    a lot of people i know in the survival / bushcraft would not use his product.

  27. when it comes to survival cheesey doesent matter But good idea with the rubberband and instruction manual

  28. You know there's 5 minutes of dead air on the end of this video right?

  29. Ryan Olock says:

    I will never buy a piece of Gerber crap again. I've learned my lesson. You do get what you pay for. Gerber is cheap China made garbage that attempts to look like the real thing. No thanks.

  30. Nice kit for my 5 year old daughter

  31. Justin H says:

    nothing still beats a Leatherman and there warranty.

  32. Why all american made multitools have to look like kids toys? All i see is rubber and plastic. I'm very happy with my swiss army knife.

  33. This item is $159 on Amazon, not $55.

  34. aida retiza says:

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  35. I use the tempo in my EDC and I can't seem to find a video that shows if it's waterproof, is it?

  36. já procurei no Brasil para comprar e não acho; sou louco num desse

  37. what is the purpose of the knob on the flashlight?

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